Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a few of the questions we've been asked regarding the data transition.

Q. Why is Amazon making this change?

A.The interface that Neatoscan uses to collect pricing information from Amazon was never really designed for the purposes we have been using it. But since we (as a collective group) have been making Amazon money with it, they've supported us. They've now created a new interface, specifically designed with sellers in mind.

Q. Where are all my used offers?

A.Please make sure you have upgraded to Neatopricer v4.33 or higher. Amazon's new data is now sorted properly by the "landed price" which is the listing price plus shipping. A lot of items on Amazon now have a lot of "fulfilled by amazon" (FBA) offers. If the lowest 20 offers are all FBA, we don't receive any information about the lowest "fulfilled by merchant" offers. So in this case, you just need to check the FBA column of Neatopricer. We left them seperated out so it doesn't confuse you. If we put the FBA offers under the used columns, you might mistakenly think that the item is worth more than it does after adding in shipping.

Q. How is this going to affect my repricing?

A.There are a few piece of information that we no longer are getting from Amazon. Some of these include: amazon price. We will no longer be able to implement a pricing "ceiling" based on their price. For that matter, we no longer know which seller the offer corrisponds to. So you cannot exclude sellers from your rules. There are a few other side-effects of the new data involving how the data is returned to us. Please see the section regarding "bucketing" in the data conversion background page.

Q. What is a "Landed" price?

A.The landed price is the listed price plus the shipping price. So for example, if a book is listed for $1.00 the "landed" price would be $4.99 or $1.00 + $3.99 for shipping.

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