Neatoscan Inventory Manager Transition Guide

There are two main areas that are affected by the new Amazon data in Inventory Manager (NIM.) They are pre-scanning / receiving and repricing.

Just like our Neatopricer product, NIM uses our Amazon database to enable fast scanning on the receiving screen. To enable NIM to download the new MWS database, go into your Settings -> Receving tab and select "MWS" from the DB Type drop down. Just like our other products, this will become the default and only option starting August 22nd. Once this has been selected, you will now be using the new "MWS Accept / Reject" tree in the "Repricing rules" section of the software.

It is important to note that all prices displayed on the the Receving screen are "listed" prices but the accept / reject tree is based on "landed" prices. All MWS Accept / Reject trees have been automatically adjusted to take this into account and you don't need to do anything other than to verify that they are still correct. For example, if you used to "accept" all books over $3.00, this should now read that you accept all books over $6.99 which is $3.00 + $3.99 for shipping.

For repricing, we've tried to preserve backwards compatibility as much as possible so you have to make as few changes to the repricing tress as possible. There are a few things to note however. First, the following nodes will no longer work, as we don't have the data to support them:

  • Remove Seller - Amazon is not returning to us the seller name associated with an offer any more so we cannot exclude anyone from being repriced against.
  • Amazon Ceiling, Amazon Floor % - Amazon is no longer telling us their price on an item so any rules regarding Amazon's price will no longer work. We will still have access to "list price" if you want to use that.
  • Use Offer based on Featured pricing - Amazon is not currently returning "featured" offers

Second, please read the "What is changing" guide to get a better understanding of amazon's new "bucketing" structure. Because of these new "buckets" we've added a few nodes to help adjust for the fact that we are getting less data than before. These nodes "expand" the buckets out into offers based on various rules. We have added the following "bucket expansion" nodes:

  • Expand Step - This is the default. For each bucket, we expand the bucket based on how many offers are in the bucket. This essentially weights the buckets based on how many offers were considered in the bucket.
  • Expand Step Aggressive - This will make your price higher. Instead of expanding the bucket based on this buckets price, we expand based on the next bucket.
  • Expand Linear - With expand linear we draw a line between each bucket's price and expand into offers based on the line.

  • Expand Linear Aggressive - This option will result in setting a much higher price than the other options. We draw a line between the first and last buckets and place the offers on that line.

As stated above, the "Expand step" option is the default and will be best for most people. We have automatically added this to all MWS repricing trees so no user intervention should be required.

We are currently running everyone's repricing based on the new data along side the old data. We can send you a report comparing your prices from what they are today to what they will be when we make the switch over.

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