Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How does the floor % work?

A. Set the Percentage you are willing to drop your price if your listings are undercut by other sellers. For example if your book costs $100 and you set the floow to 30%. If your offer is undercut by another offer, if the competing offer is lower than $70, this floow will reprice your offer no lower than $70 ie: 30%.

Q. What is the Filter FBA node in repricing?

A. This will give you the option to remove all FBA offers or all non-FBA offers depending on which you want to removed.

Q. What is Remove seller?

A. Removes a specific seller from the list of people that you price against.

Q. What is Remove self in the repricer?

A. Removes yourself from the list of people that you price against.

Q. What is a Tag?

A. A "Tag" is something that has to be enabled on your account. There is no charge for this, but it just needs to be turned on in order to use it. A "Tag" is something that you can assign to items that you want to treat differently than you do on your other items. A tagged item will go down it's own path in the pricing tree and therefore it can be handled however you would like without it affecting your other items. An example may be if you found a deal on 300 copies of one title, and you paid $10 each for them. Then you could Tag them when you enter them and then you could set the floor for those items to $10 to make sure you don't lose money on the items when they are sold.

Q. What is the inflate and deflate on the repricer?

A. This is feature that will limit the amount that your item can change it's price for each time it updates. There are two different versions of this. One is by percentage and one is by a set dollar amount. So if you have a $100 item, and you set the deflate to 3% then then it reprices and if someone lowballs an offer of $20. Your listing will only change to $97. Then the next time it attempts to reprice it will drop another 3% so it will drop to about $94. This may or may not sound like much, but at 3% with pricing set to update 12 times a day, that $100 item could be down to about $70 after just one day. This is designed to help protect against a lowball person and to help you have your product hold it's value some, but if the market doesn't come back to where you think it should be, you will eventually come up or down to where the market is.

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