Configuring the Scanner to Read (Windows Mobile Only)

Every scanner must have a suffix appended to it. This means that the scanner functions like a keyboard. When a barcode scanner scans a barcode, the scanner reads the numbers associated with the barcode and then hits enter like on a keyboard. In order to get the scanner to hit enter after reading a barcode, there must be a "\r" appended in the SocketScan settings in the text field titled "Suffix". This is normally here by default.

How to Connect
  • To make sure you have the carriage return suffix enabled, you are going to click on your SocketScan icon shown here: . Also, shown in Figure (1).
  • After you click settings a menu will pop-up and you will then select "Settings" shown in Figure (2).
  • Now that you are in the Scanner's Settings, you will see a field marked "Suffix". In this field you will type "\r" without the quotes, shown in Figure (3). Once you are done, you can hit the "ok" in the top right corner to exit out of the settings, shown in Figure (4).

Please note: iOS and Android do not utilize the same method pictured above. Scanners for iOS and Android will by default be in HID-Keyboard mode; there is no need to configure them with a suffix. If you need to reset your scanner to default, which will in turn put it in HID-Keyboard mode, please consult your documentation that came with your scanner.

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