Audio Notifications

There are three main sounds that you will hear while using Neatoscan. They are:
  • The Cash-register sound - This is the sound you want to hear. It means the the item you just scanned met your pricing trigger criteria determined by the price and rank you set. For example, if you set the price trigger to $5.00 and rank trigger to 300K (300,000) you will hear this sound on all items worth $5.00 or more and that have a rank of 300K or less. You can set these thresholds for each and every product line. (i.e. Books, Music, Video, etc...)

    Please note: an item marked 0K signifies a popular item with a rank below 1,000.
  • The Gong - This sound signifies that the record is in the database but did not meet the trigger criteria. For example, if you set a trigger for a minimum price of $1.00 and a maximum rank of 300,000 and the book you scanned was a 0.01 and 1,000,000 sales rank, then you would receive the gong. This indicates that the record or item scanned did not meet any triggers.

    In certain circumstances when a product does not meet your rank trigger but does meet the price trigger, you will still hear the Gong followed quickly by an announcement of the price. This is useful for very expensive items that you may be willing to wait a bit long for them to sell.
  • The Tick - This sound signifies that their is no record of this product. Sometimes this can happen if you have not downloaded a database or your database was deleted. Please go to the account tab and make sure it says, for example: 8/31/2011 15.4M. Otherwise, it will say Database Unavailable. If you have recently downloaded, please take out your SD Card and put it back in and then reset the PDA.


There are many icons in neatopricer, but what do they all mean?

What do these icons mean?

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