Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How often should I update the information contained in Neatopricer?

A. We recommend you update your data several hours before you head out scouting. Make sure you leave yourself enough time, as the download process may vary in length, depending on your download parameters.

Q. How often do you refresh your data?

A. Constantly, is the short answer. We employ a strategy where lower ranked records are updated more frequently. All records on average are updated a couple times a day. We recommend to our clients to update data daily. Update as often as you like, it doesn't cost you anything extra.

Q. How often do you add new data?

A. Everyday, we have three ways to find new records. 1: We look at the similar products of each product. If the system doesn't have it, it adds it. 2: Our scouting software also records every scanned barcode, if is not in the system it gets added. 3: We have data collectors looking for new records. This triple redundancy ensures that our database is up to date.

Q. Do you do more than just books?

A. Yes we offer: Books, Music,DVD, VHS, Games, Software, CE, Computers,Watch,Photo, etc.. 23 product lines.

Q. What type of PDA do I need?

A. If you don't have a PDA, we recommend you use Neatopricer for Android an iOS. You can download a database to your phone and work without internet just like with the PDA. Chances are your smart phone can run Neatopricer, so there is no need to buy an ancient PDA. If you prefer to use an older PDA, we still offer Neatopricer for Windows Mobile, but it is not maintained and hasn't been updated in a long time. For further information on what is supported, please check our requirments page.

Q. What is this wireless barcode scanner you mention?

A. Our competitors it seems took the route of cheap and clunky scanners. We on the other hand realized that to be successful in book scouting business you have to be well "armed". Socket Communications offers a line of wireless barcode scanners: Cordless Hand Scanner 7E and 7P. These scanners are fast and reliable. With wireless scanners you don't have to lug the PDA around in your hand. Just slide the PDA in your pocket and let the software audio "speak" to you. These scanners retail between $500-$700 dollars.

Q. Wow, that's an expensive scanner is it really worth it?

A.  If you were offered to make an investment that had a payout of a  hundred fold for $599 dollars would that not be a worth your while?  The math is simple: if you can find more goods, then you can sell more goods.  The wireless scanner gives you the ability to search through large amounts of books is record time. 

Q. What size of a memory card would you recommend?

A. You need to have atleast a 2GB card. Most PDA's do not support anything over 2GB except the Socket Mobile 650's. All of our package come equipped with a 2gb for the Dell's and a 4GB for the Socket Mobile 650's.

Q. What if I like my existing scanner can I use it with your software?

A. Not a problem. Our software will work with most types of scanners. Just be sure to set the suffix to a "\r" aka carriage return.

Q. Ahh! Help I'm at a sale and I get "Tick" sounds for everything. Why can't I find anything?

A. Please check that the memory card is fully inserted in the PDA. Also please look on the "Pricing" tab in Neatopricer at the bottom for the green dot. If the dot is red that means databases are not ready. Databases might not be available if the download process was aborted or DB files were erased accidentally. We recommend that before you go book scouting to perform a spot check on a  few products that you know are valuable.

Q. I turned on the PDA today and your software is missing and everything is different. Why?

A.It sounds like the PDA was left ON for an extended time, the power drained and the PDA reset itself to factory defaults. You need to reinstall the software to get everything back. Like any electronic devices PDA's drain battery when they are ON.  Also some types of plugin scanners can drain power while the PDA is turned off.   Please be sure to leave the PDA charging after you come back from a scouting trip.

Q. I was downloading and then I got this "resource assembly not available" message and then the software started to re-download. What the heck is going on?

A. It sounds like the PDA lost connectivity to the Internet. Are you connecting through WiFi? Neatopricer detects such errors and makes a reasonable attempt to retry the download. You might get this error if your Internet connection is unreliable and spotty. Try connecting through the PDA's cradle or sync cable.

Q. I'm trying to update data and a message box popped up that says "New software version is available. Download now?". What just happened?

A. From time to time we will release bug fixes and general updates to the software. Neatopricer will detect when a new version of itself is available and will prompt the user for permission  to auto update.  You don't need to do anything extra to update the software.  Just follow the screen prompts while the software is updating.

Q. I'm trying to download and I get an error, something about Not Enough Space,what is that?

A. We recommend having a minimum of a 2GB card. You will not be able to download the data on anything less. If you receive this error, please make sure the memory card is fully seated in the SD card slot. Then make sure in File>DB Location that your SD is selected. If you need to get a memory card click here.

Q. Your fonts are too small. I don't have eagle vision.  How do you expect me to use your software?

A. Many of our clients come from our competitors who designed their software for visual interaction. Neatopricer was designed to be a primarily an audio interaction tool. However, we understand if you want to look at the screen while scouting so we have a "Large font option". With this option turned on you can select what you want displayed on the screen in large font to assist you. To turn on the large font option you go to File>Settings>Data tab.

Q. Do you offer discounts if I have more than one PDA with you?

A. Yes we do, check out the Sign Up page to see the prices for multiple PDA's.

Q. How reliable is your service?

A. Redundancy is the key to our business. We have invested heavily in failover equipment from battery power supplies to Quad Xeon servers with multiple RAID configurations. Also internally we designed our business applications to be autonomous meaning that they don't require system administrator to constantly monitor them. We can't however guarantee service in the following cases: Acts of God, extended power outages and nuclear explosions.

Q. While trying to browse the internet on my x50v while cradled using ativesync 4.2 i recieved the following error " The page you are looking for cannot be found due to unknown error 0x80072f78" Help!

If you are using ActiveSync 4.2 and have a problem with Desktop Pass-through it may be caused by a Layered Service Provider (LSP) that use the Windows TCP/IP stack. This has been known to occur with ISA Server. To fix the problem, Add the following key to the registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows CE Services\AllowDSP of type DWORD with a value of 0. To do this, press Start and click run. Type "regedit" and press OK. Expand the folders HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINES, then SOFTWARE, then Microsoft and so on until you get to Windows CE Services. Highlight this folder. On the right, you should see a bunch of icons labeled "(Default)", "BuildNumber", etc. Click Edit -> New -> DWORD. Type AllowDSP and press enter. That should be it!

Q. How do I get downloads if im traveling?

A. Most modern PDA's have wireless capability called  WiFi. You can perform data updates anywhere that has a 'Wi-Fi hotspot'. Most businesses try to advertise wireless access to try to get customers to come in their stores. Places like coffee shops, hotels, truck stops, and even some rest areas have begun offering WiFi services. Chances are you can turn on your PDA and it will be able to find a wireless network near by.

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