How Does the Library Program Work?

Recognizing that libraries are always facing both staff and funding shortages, we created a program that will address both of those issues. We know that there are special challenges that we need to overcome and we are prepared for those moments. Take a moment and look at our system. We work with the largest online markets in the world such as: Amazon,, and Alibris to just to name a few!

To Get Started:

  • Working together, we open a NEW Amazon seller account. This creates an online book store for millions of buyers to browse.
  • We install our proprietary state of the art Bookstore Management Software on one or more of your computers with a bar code reader. Whether at the library or friends store the location does not matter. Lastly, a Zebra label printer and a plain paper printer round out all the equipment you need.
  • Be it donation or discard, simply scan the items. The software will indicate whether to accept (sell online) or to put it on the shelf in the bookstore/next library sale. This process can be done by a friend, page, or volunteer. In some cases staff are utilized if the library feels it warranted.
  • Once a week someone needs to gather those accepted items, rescan them and list them for sale. This step generally takes about 20 seconds per item. Once all the items have been entered, print a packing slip and UPS label. UPS will pick them up and ship them to Amazon! Training and education via live support is part of our program.
  • Every 14 days you will receive a deposit in your bank account for the proceeds of all you online sales!
It's that easy!

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