White Poly Bubble Mailers - CD - Qty 250

Product Image White Poly Self Sealing Bubble Mailers - CD - Qty 250 - Inside Dimensions 6.5" x 7.5". AirJacket Brand.

If you are selling CD's on Amazon you know that you can't do without a steady supply of these mailers. You might wonder: Who cares if I use #1 sized envelope to send a few CD's through, aren't these envelopes are close enough?

No, no, no! If you put that CD in the larger sized envelope you are increasing the operational cost of your business. Larger envelopes cost more and are more expensive to ship. To make any money in this business you have to count your pennies.

Finally if that CD doesn't snuggly fit in the envelope it has a higher chance of being damaged in transit. Damaged goods cause refunds which is more time out of your day not to mention the pounding your rating takes on Amazon. Avoid all the pain, use appropriate sized envelopes.

Do you need to know the final cost of the order including the shipping? Add this product to shopping cart and proceed to checkout. We charge standard rates that UPS charges us.

Questions? Looking to get a volume discount? Contact us today:info@neatoscan.com.

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